Saturday 20th September 2014



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Teach Your Monster to Read

Teach your Monster to Read has been built by the Usborne Foundation and it aims to do just that, teach more »

Rob Ryan: The Invisible Kingdom

Random House release an iBooks Author edition of Rob Ryan’s The Invisible Kingdom.

From the Digital to the Bookbound

In Reading Writing Interfaces: From the Digital to the Bookbound Lori Emerson sets out to demystify the wondrous devices of our digital age by interrogating both the limits and the creative possibilities of a wide range of reading and writing interfaces.

Foyles’ innovative digital in-store shopping service

With so much great publicity for its amazing new flagship Charing Cross Road store, Foyles booksellers’ innovative in-store digital shopping more »

Tate launches first children’s app: Noisy Neighbours

Ruth Green’s Noisy Neighbours finds its way onto iPad and iPhone courtesy of the Tate Gallery and developers Aimer Media. It is brilliant, bright, fun and creative. It follows the tail of a snail (Sid) desperately trying to find a place to sleep. A task that turns out to more difficult then it might seem, as that elusive peaceful spot is ruined time and time again by all the various creature noisy neighbours.

Digital study guide ‘Of Mice and Men’ launched

An app for students and fans of American novella Of Mice and Men is launched today by Mammoth Graphics. It more »

New Incredible Numbers maths app – a teacher’s experience

How many sides does a circle have, Sir? What happens when you divide by zero, Sir? What is the biggest prime number, Sir? Is 0.9 recurring equal to 1, Sir? What is the smallest fraction, Sir? What is Pi, Sir?

iBeacons: Putting Apps On The Map

iBeacons are taking the world of retail by storm. They got lost in the initial hullabaloo of iOS 7’s launch, when they were announced at Apple’s developer conference over the summer. But the enormous potential of this tiny gadget shouldn’t be underestimated.

The London Book Shop Map on the iPhone

The London Bookshop map for iPhone: If you are in London at any point this December, this app will provide you with some fantastic off-the-beat-and-track sight seeing, as well as gifts for all the family.

Less like file-sharing, more like gifting

Digitisation has made books more accessible than ever, but that process has meant that some of the magic associated with gifting and sharing those reading experiences has been lost.

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Digital Women UK turns One

Digital Women UK is celebrating its first anniversary by hosting a dynamic one day programme of activities on social media, technology and the arts for women who are, or who want to get, connected online.

Doodle Jump Comics Debut on Me Books app

The hugely successful mobile game Doodle Jump is to make its digital comic book debut via the Me Books platform.

Resonance 104.4fm Announces A Major Commitment To Books Coverage

Tony White, author and chair of the board of directors ofResonance104.4fm, London’s award-winning arts radio station, today confirmed a sustained commitment to regular books programming across the Resonance104.4fm schedules, in advance of Resonance’s special live broadcast of Jerwood Fiction Uncovered FM on 13 July.