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A book without borders: a hybrid of cinema, gaming, and text

In its fifth year, the New Media Writing Prize continues to recognise some of the best pieces of new media more »

MacGuffin: A jukebox for fiction and poetry

At Comma Press, we’re building a big jukebox for fiction and poetry. Not a physical jukebox (though wouldn’t that be more »

Digital Literature Pioneers: Michael Joyce on early Hypertext Fiction

Michael Joyce is a professor of English at Vassar College, NY, USA. His work afternoon: a story, 1987, was among more »

Can Readers make a Book Better?

There’s no doubt that readers have strong opinions about books.  We see them expressed every day in Amazon reviews, in more »

Unbinding the Book – Challenging Preconceptions

We keep hearing the phrase ‘print is dead’ and it really surprises us when we do. In fact, in this digital age, print is sometimes seen to be the more valuable commodity, it’s tangible, it has longevity, its’ a keepsake.

Ten Quotes about Amazon (that demonstrate it’s complicated)

It’s Friday, so let’s have ten quotes about Amazon, just to remind us what we already know… that it’s complicated: more »

Don’t Be A Hero – 80 Days the Game

When Jon and Joe from inkle studios asked me to adapt Around the World in 80 Days as interactive fiction, my first thought was not: “how can I explode the singular narrative of a novel into a thousand flexibly written incidents?” (hard work). It wasn’t “how will I capture the spirit of Victorian adventure without replicating its morals?” (not all that hard, actually). It wasn’t even “how much time and effort will it take to research the entire world in 1872?” (a lot harder than I thought it would be).

My first thought was “what am I going to do about Aouda?”

The Digital Book (R)evolution

Most discourses about the survival of print, or the struggle of print against digital, derive from a simplistic view of the book – one which is typically aligned with the novel, that apogee of the literary world. There is a tendency to present change and innovation in formats and technologies as if they follow a single, linear path in which a format is replaced by the next new format in a consecutive fashion.

The Enhanced Ebook Schtick and Ideas in Profile

Let’s be honest: enhanced ebooks have an annoying name and the costs usually outweigh the benefits. So, why, you might ask, are we at Profile doing a whole series of them, Ideas in Profile?

Well, because they are not enhanced ebooks. Let’s stop calling them that.

The Problem with Book Trailers

The book trailer could be seen as an art form in itself and not be placed online with the sole intention of going viral.

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The Writing Platform launches 2015 Bursary Programme

 The Writing Platform Bursary, which supports experimentation, collaboration and learning between writers and technologists, announces its 2015 Programme delivered in more »

Welcome to Picu!

Set on a junk island and featuring creatures made out of various bits of trash silhouettes, Picu is a mobile more »

Online Game launched to coincide with Peter Carey’s Amnesia

To mark the publication of Peter Carey’s new novel Amnesia, Penguin Random House Australia has launched an interactive online game more »