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Shakespeare and digital: the RSC’s perspective

Our Shakespeare Season continues with Sarah Ellis from the Royal Shakespeare Company. She explains why it’s time for her organisation to embrace digital audiences and content creators

Macbeth: Explore Shakespeare

James Higgs tries out the new interactive Macbeth iPad app, from Cambridge University Press.

Panels, pixels and paperbacks

Graphic novels have begun to appear in mainstream novel prize shortlists. Comics creator and writer Matthew Sheret talks about the trend, and wonders why this “geeky” medium still struggles to translate to digital.

Spirits Melted into Air

Visualising performers’ movements around the stage, Tom Armitage’s “Spirits Melted Into Air” project aims to shift perspective away from the words and towards the real, physical work of acting and of the Royal Shakespeare Company.

Laser Lace Letters

Maker Haley Moore uses new technologies to develop story artifacts that you can touch and wear. She talks about Laser Lace Letters – a storytelling project that makes you less a reader, more a steampunk detective…

What can YouTube do for stories?

In his third essay on technology and storytelling for The Literary Platform, Professor David Trotter, lecturer in literature and screen media at the University of Cambridge, wonders how we should best understand YouTube…

How to run a switched-on school

In the second of a series of articles about technology in education, the Headmistress of St Mary’s, Cambridge, Charlotte Avery, explains how she’s running a very tech-savvy school.

Wonderbook: The Book of Spells

Miranda West is enchanted by the new Sony/Rowling project “Wonderbook: the book of spells”…

New Media Writing Prize 2012: Shortlist announced

Bournemouth University and if:book UK have announced the shortlist for the 2012 New Media Writing Prize. The shortlisted works are: more »

Informed Publishing at Pubslush

By knowing their market inside out and using the community, Jesse Potash and the Pubslush crowd funding platform are taking the guessing out of publishing

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Storyjacker and Contentment win IC tomorrow contest

Storyjacker and Contentment are among four UK start-ups selected by Innovate UK’s digital programme, IC tomorrow, as winners of its more »

New Media Writing Prize 2014: Submissions Open

Submissions are now open for the 2014 The New Media Writing Prize. The prize, now in its fourth year, was set up by Jim Pope of Bournemouth University, to showcase exciting and inventive stories that integrate a variety of formats, platforms, and digital media.

Crowd-editing Publisher Invites Readers to Make Good Books Better

Advance Editions, launched 23 of this month is a bold new approach to both publishing and crowd-sourcing by drawing on the experience and knowledge of readers worldwide.