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F:sh App

For many, personalised children’s books are rather gimmicky but for your average child they can be beyond exciting.

Passion for the Pixel

Julian McCrae of Portal Entertainment is passionate about new ways of telling story.  We met, both trying to raise money more »

Intelligence for Hire

Their knowledge need not be consigned to academic discussions, and we’re intent on working with people who can boil down complex ideas and apply them to a much broader audience.”

Play and print: new books Apps for HP TouchPad

With the tablet now establishing itself as the consumer item and apps the way in which we play and access our information wingedchariot was delighted to get early access to the new webOS software development kit.

Speak to Strangers: the move from online to page

Speak to Strangers was a blog consisting of 100 hundred-word short stories, one story for each day, based on random encounters with Londoners.

When ex-Pixar animators make a book

…it’s with interest to see what happens when ex-Pixar animators start considering the book experience on iPad.

Booksurfers ahoy!

Both the creator and the writer realised from the outset that, in order to ensure readers engage with either book, the story and the characters have to be strong and engaging enough on their own.

Making waves with F:sh

Publishers are witnessing the erosion of their territory by developers who are grasping apps by the balls and just getting on with it. F:sh is one such example.

Site specific literature explained…

To some extent all stories have a map, but take Dubliners as a straightforward illustration. You could map the book onto the city, and read it by, or while, walking. Or not, depending what has been knocked down since 1914, but that difference between the page written in 1914 and the place of Dublin in 2011 is a site specific effect.

Digital Publishing for Beginners Course

Saturday, July 16, 2011 from 10:00 AM – 1:00 PM (GMT) – new dates added July 30 & August 13 more »

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Digital Women UK turns One

Digital Women UK is celebrating its first anniversary by hosting a dynamic one day programme of activities on social media, technology and the arts for women who are, or who want to get, connected online.

Doodle Jump Comics Debut on Me Books app

The hugely successful mobile game Doodle Jump is to make its digital comic book debut via the Me Books platform.

Resonance 104.4fm Announces A Major Commitment To Books Coverage

Tony White, author and chair of the board of directors ofResonance104.4fm, London’s award-winning arts radio station, today confirmed a sustained commitment to regular books programming across the Resonance104.4fm schedules, in advance of Resonance’s special live broadcast of Jerwood Fiction Uncovered FM on 13 July.