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McSweeney’s: Kindle what?

The Literary Platform was delighted to be invited along to share the platform with the so-laid-back-he-was-reclining Eli Horowitz from McSweeney’s books.

Just My Type iPad app

Simon Garfield meets the people behind typefaces and along the way learns why some fonts are from Mars and some are from Venus. He explores type on the high street and album covers to the print in our homes and offices.

Graphic novels on PSP Comic Store

The graphic novel version of Paul Auster’s novel ‘City of Glass’ and the humourous comic ‘Simon’s Cat: Beyond the Fence’ have been published on the Sony’s PSP portable gaming device

The Amplified Author

The amplified author doesn’t wait for a publisher to decide if his or her work deserves a readership or not. Before considering sending a manuscript to a traditional publisher, the writer may have tested out their ideas on a circle of readers via a blog, drawn new readers in through Twitter and a variety of online networks.

The Devil’s Dictionary for iPad and iPhone

iPad and iPhone version of one of the great works of American satire. The text is searchable and cross-referenced, and the app serves random entries when the iPhone is shaken

Visual Editions: using visual writing as a starting point

The book is as much a remarkable object as it is a beautiful story. And really must be seen to be believed.

The Headspin story: Pop-up books in a digital age

Don’t be fooled into thinking the app market is anything like the e-book market, so be prepared to address a new and demanding audience.

Fall of Giants – 3D sound journey

3D audio soundtracks have been created to accompany scenes from Ken Follett’s new novel. They can be heard online at, embedded in the ipad ebook and in a listening booth, which will tour the UK

The Digital Author!

Transmedia storyteller and social media consultant, Alison Norrington and social media coach and consultant Marian Schembari are hosting an inspiring more »

Bridging the gap between the big guns and the indies

It was a sharp reminder that while a section of the publishing industry steams ahead with revised (and revised again) digital publishing strategies, there are still many smaller publishers who haven’t even started thinking yet about how they will adapt to this market.

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Storyjacker and Contentment win IC tomorrow contest

Storyjacker and Contentment are among four UK start-ups selected by Innovate UK’s digital programme, IC tomorrow, as winners of its more »

New Media Writing Prize 2014: Submissions Open

Submissions are now open for the 2014 The New Media Writing Prize. The prize, now in its fourth year, was set up by Jim Pope of Bournemouth University, to showcase exciting and inventive stories that integrate a variety of formats, platforms, and digital media.

Crowd-editing Publisher Invites Readers to Make Good Books Better

Advance Editions, launched 23 of this month is a bold new approach to both publishing and crowd-sourcing by drawing on the experience and knowledge of readers worldwide.