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Concrete Poetry in rural France

Concrete Poetry is described as ‘works where the typographical arrangement of words is as important in conveying the intended effect as the conventional elements of the poem, i.e. the words, the rhythm, the rhyme and so on’

Politics and the English-language publisher

Publishing is a funny industry. It walks a fine line between art and industry; we make paint and canvas or build concert halls.

The London Poetry Game

The London Poetry Game has just launched and needs YOU. And the nice bilingual people you pass every day in more »

The Birthday

In HD resolution The Birthday brings out the best in good storytelling and is crafted and designed for touchscreen devices…

Litweeter Festival in full twing

The inaugural Litweeter Festival, an interactive compendium of word play, twittery challenges and literary gossip is in full swing.

An interview with Russell Quinn

Neil Ayres interview Russell Quinn, Digital Media Director at McSweeney’s…

Future Scenarios for the Publishing Industry

The Hospital (the club in Covent Garden, London) will be hosting an evening to discuss future scenarios for the publishing more »

Combat Trauma Politiku

The politiku’s concise format makes it a great vehicle for expressing personal reflections on trauma…

Speak to Strangers

Speak to Strangers is a blog of a hundred hundred-word stories about London by Gemma Seltzer. The project started out more »

The Little Mermaid iPad app

The Little Mermaid iPad app is an interactive reinterpretation of the classic children’s stories that uses special effects and the iPad’s tilt and shake functionality to amazing effect.


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Storyjacker and Contentment win IC tomorrow contest

Storyjacker and Contentment are among four UK start-ups selected by Innovate UK’s digital programme, IC tomorrow, as winners of its more »

New Media Writing Prize 2014: Submissions Open

Submissions are now open for the 2014 The New Media Writing Prize. The prize, now in its fourth year, was set up by Jim Pope of Bournemouth University, to showcase exciting and inventive stories that integrate a variety of formats, platforms, and digital media.

Crowd-editing Publisher Invites Readers to Make Good Books Better

Advance Editions, launched 23 of this month is a bold new approach to both publishing and crowd-sourcing by drawing on the experience and knowledge of readers worldwide.